Late(Professor) Ravi Kanta Sharma was the founder chairperson of GDR institutions was not only a pioneer academician,philanthropist, social activist but a magical and divine soul who contributed a lot for the service of humanity to make this world a better and beautiful place to live. She was Head of Music Dept. (Vocal) in GNBL Ramgarhia College for Women, Phagwara. In addition, she was also Member of faculty of Fine Arts,Member of Board of Studies in Music in Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.

She was the second daughter of BapuGuruDass Ram jiMaharaj, 4th Guru in succession in ShriOmDarbar, Nandachour of dist. Hoshiarpur in Punjab. Professor Ravi Kanta Sharma devoted her heart and soul in the service of Darbar, throughout her life with great humility. She was very soft spoken and due to this virtue, anyone who came across her in any walk of life could not go unaffected by the magnetism and charisma of her personality. She was in true sense an apostle of simplicity, peace and Love.

She was a friend, role model, guide and pillar of strength for her students, a devoted servant to her spiritual Guru ShriOmDarbarNandachour, an ideal wife and loving mother for her family members.

Although today she is not among us but her radiant smile still continue to work as a sunshine in the heart of so many of us. May she always inspires and guides our students on the righteous
journey of Life!